Storytelling has formed part of human culture long before we were able to write. People were able to share experiences, build learning and skills, and many times, to inspire.

Our stories are here to help share more about Lu Ban, about our inspirations in Tianjin, culture, community, history and food. 

Small Plate Dining at Lu Ban Restaurant

Small Plate Dining

Small Plate Dining ‘Small Plate’ dining is a style of dining that is tremendously popular all around the world. Typically, small plates allow diners to select a number of dishes
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lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - Chinese temple in Tianjin

Some Tianjin Basics

Tianjin is the inspiration for the Lu Ban Restaurant - read more about the history, the culture and cusine of one of the largest cities in the World.
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lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - Image of a Lu Ban Statue

Who Is Lu Ban

Our restaurant is inspired by Lu Ban, a revered Chinese God credited with inventing most modern day tools, and considered the master of vocational skills.
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