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Wine Tasting - for Experts or Novices?


By Janet Wang:

With a glass of wine in your hand, what do you feel?

Do you imagine being transported to the place of its origin, and want to explore the land and its culture? Are you intrigued to know about the grapes which are producing these aromas and flavours?

Do you think of the vintage and try to remember where you were and what you were doing? Or are you terrified to say the wrong things about the wine you are about to taste? Or worse still, was it even a good choice and how will you be judged for picking this wine?

Whatever your feelings about wine, whether analytical, romantic or intimidated, I hope at least you agree that it is the best social lubricant and you would like to know more about it.

Lu Ban Wine Room with Janet Wang

At the Janet Wang Wine Academy, I will take you on a one-of-a-kind wine journey. If you are a novice or a casual drinker, you will pick up all you really need to know, and more, in order to choose, assess and enjoy wines, like a pro. If you are already very knowledgeable, or indeed an expert, I need not tell you that there are always more to taste and more to learn in the world of wine, and I will certainly provide new perspectives, regions and tastes to stimulate your senses and add to your knowledge bank. Uniquely, as this is a project with Lu Ban Restaurant, I have a special interest in introducing you to the wonderful world of wines from China, and other new and exciting wine regions and wine styles.

The Janet Wang Wine Academy offers short tastings, and one or two-day experiences. They are all stand-alone events, but you can also take them as a series.

The Academy will equip you with an essential foundation for enjoying and assessing wines of any style, from anywhere, and beyond that, it provides a rounded narrative of wine culture, including the little discussed yet hugely influential Chinese and Asian wine culture, to balance the traditional western-centric ways of talking about wine.

The Academy is not designed to train highly specific and technical tasting skills, rather it serves to broaden your horizon and discernment in wine. As I have discovered through a glass of wine, the discussion of world history, culture, arts and customs among people from different backgrounds becomes a stimulating and lively recreation that brings people closer. So it should be the case that we can all talk about wine without feeling intimidated, embarrassed or judged. I hope the Academy can give you more depth and dimensions to your understanding and appreciation of wine, whether your starting point is as a novice or an expert.


Janet Wang, author of ‘The Chinese Wine Renaissance’ – nominated for the coveted Louis Roederer Wine Book of the Year – has established herself as an expert of Chinese wine and was admitted to the prestigious Circle of Wine Writers last year. She is spearheading the exclusive Janet Wang Wine Academy at Lu Ban Restaurant and will be hosting a series of wine events in 2020.