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Vegan Wine Tasting – Thursday 5th March 2020

About The Event




Enjoy private dining at Lu Ban through a delicious journey with seven of our favourite vegan dishes including our jackfruit faux duck, and our much celebrated Before the Rain dessert, served with seven premium vegan wines.

Throughout the evening, our wine expert will share and discuss:

– the vegan wine production process
– how it differs from regular production, and the rules to comply
– the flavours, grapes and distinctions of the selected wines
This event will take place in our private dining Wine Room with just ten guests, for a truly personal experience. It is the perfect event for vegans, wine lovers and those wanting to sit back and enjoy a completely vegan dining experience, and hear how the industry is evolving to meet the needs of ethically minded consumers.
The menu will be:

Spring Rolls 春卷
Spring onion, shoots, soy, ginger and peanut

Master Yu’s Five Flavour Cucumber 于⽒五味⽠条
Pickled cucumber, chilli, shitake, sea salt

Hotel Geneva Tofu 津利华⾖腐
Aromatic tofu, sesame paste, chilli oil, toasted black bean, black sesame and peanut brittle, frothed soy milk

Master Zhang’s Faux Beijing Duck 张⽒北京素鸭
Cherry wood roasted jack fruit, house plum sauce, cucumber, green onion, pancake, sugar

Ma Po Tofu ⿇婆⾖腐
Wok poached aromatic tofu, black bean, Szechuan, greens, ginger, chilli

The Downing Street Vegetable Dumpling 天津素包⼦
Smoked bean curd, day lily, shitake and sesame dumpling, black truffle

Before the Rain ⾬前
The calm before the storm, pear and ginger, cardamom, dragonfly


Suitable for vegans (!)

Cost:  £60:00

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Mar 05 2020


6:30 pm - 11:00 pm