Chinese Dragon image for Zhonghe Festival at Lu Ban Restaurant Liverpool


24th FEBRUARY 2020

China’s ancient Zhonghe festival (中和节) celebrates Sun’s birthday in the new 2nd lunar month (1st of Lunar February) and the early signs of spring – the agricultural awakening, and coming out of hibernation. It is celebrated together with the Dragon festival (2nd of Lunar February), or Longtaitou festival – meaning ‘dragon raising its head’, as the dragon is responsible for the bringing of the rains that are wished for, to deliver a good harvest, as well as signifying the start of the warmer weather and longer days.

Sticky rice rolls with red bean paste filling, Spring flatbread served with mixed vegetables, pancakes and noodles are traditional foods of the festival (usually any food with the word dragon in it is preferred!).

It is customary to use this time to get a fresh hair cut (after avoiding this action during the first lunar month to keep in the good luck!), and to clean the house – sweeping away the old and welcoming the new.

In recognition of the festival, we will be celebrating at Lu Ban Restaurant with our special Dragon delights……

Red Dragon chicken skewers, and

Red Dragon cocktail Tian Gin, Passoa cranberry, a splash of Prosecco with a citrus smoke.

We’ll also be giving away our own dragons so you can celebrate with us and fend off evil!


Marinated chicken skewers, chilli, garlic, soy bean


Tian gin, Passoa cranberry, a splash of Prosecco with a citrus smoke

Find out more about Chinese culture and customs here.


Dine with us over the Zhonghe festival

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