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Who is Lu Ban

The Lu Ban restaurant was inspired by the Chinese folk God of Masonry and Carpentry.

Lu Ban was born in the state of Lu, during the spring and autumn of the Zhou dynasty. He was otherwise known by his birth name of Gongshou Yizhi, and was not known for his diligence or attention in class when he attended school.

Nevertheless, he persisted with his education, and he started to work with a renowned carpenter Bao Laondong. It was from here that his excellent work developed and he soon had built a reputation for excellent quality as well as great inventiveness.

He and his work became hugely sought after, and this demand led him to create many tools that we consider normal today that would help him deliver greater volumes at even greater quality. 

These inventions included the saw, the planer (the Lu Ban plane is still in use today, and can be found across our Restaurant), the square, the drill, the shovel and even an ink marking tool. All of these inventions are in operation today and all ease the work of master craftsmen. 

His work ethic was such that his wife is said to have invented the Umbrella so that he could continue to work in wet conditions.

As a Chinese God, Lu Ban was revered for also inventing many other day to day objects – these include the grappling hook, a cloud ladder (much used in warfare), an early wooden kite (or wooden bird), which is reputed to be the first kite, and one that could be flown non-stop for 3 days before returning to earth. Lu Ban is also credited with inventing the cycle.

In more modern times, Lu Ban is considered the master of vocational skills and training. 

It is all of these elements that inspired the restaurant – the focus on excellent skills, on innovation and on helping others learn and develop. 

We have filled our restaurant with many of Lu Bans inventions and see if you can find them as you dine.

lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - Image of a Lu Ban Statue