lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - Chinese temple in Tianjin

Some Tianjin Basics

The Lu Ban restaurant is inspired by the City of Tianjin; by it’s traditions, culture, people and of course it’s food. 

Tianjin, pronounced as Tientsin, is a City of 15m inhabitants in Northern China, found on the shores of the Bohai Sea.  It is also one of the nine national cities of Mainland China. 

Whilst many people in the UK may have heard of Tianjin, and depending on what you might read, it is either the 9th, 10th or 11th most populous city in the World. It is similar in size to Mumbai or Manilla. 


The name of Tianjin can be translated to either Heavenly Ford, or Ford of Heaven, and the history of the name is long contested. 

The walled city was first established in 1404, it’s importance grew as it become a significant port and seaway to Beijing. 

Further Growth

Tianjin suffered major loss of life in 1976 during a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. A terrible 24, 345 people lost their lives, 60% of the cities buildings were destroyed, and a further 700, 000 became homeless. 

This disaster drove the community and Chinese Government to act, and Tianjin has been growing ever since. 

Tianjin now has high speed railway links across China, was co-host of the 2008 Olympic Games, has hosted the Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum, the UN Climate Conference and the East Asian Games.


130 kilometers away from Beijing, Tianjin is a great centre of Chinese traditional culture. It is one of the three home bases to the Beijing opera, is famous for Xiangsheng, a traditional performing art in Chinese comedy and stand up comedian. Tianjin is also a centre of many sports and martial arts.


Tianjin is home to a large number of excellent Universities, Colleges, High Schools and Schools. Of course, it is home to Tianjin School of Cuisine, the most famous cookery school in Tianjin of which our team have partnered with.


Tianjin is also renowned for it’s distinct cuisine using seasonal ingredients, river produce, and sea food.  It has many signature dishes and snacks, and is famed for Baozi – something which is on offer at the Lu Ban Restaurant. 

Find out more about Tianjin when you visit our restaurant.

lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - Chinese temple in Tianjin
Lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - Tianjin at Sunrise
Lu Ban Liverpool Restaurant - the Ferris Wheel in Tianjin

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