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Storytelling has formed part of human culture long before we were able to write. People were able to share experiences, build learning and skills, and many times, to inspire.

Our stories of culture are here to help share more about Lu Ban, about our inspirations in Tianjin, community, history and cuisine. 

Valentines dinner - rose for Lu Ban Restaurant

Valentine’s Day

The legendary love story behind “love beans”. The beautiful hard and shiny red beans have been used to create jewellery that conveys a longing emotion between lovers and friends.
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Chinese New Year 2021

For Chinese New Year in Mandarin speaking regions you would say: Guojian Hao which means: “Wishing you well in passing over Nian."
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Dim Sum

What is dim sum? What we think of as dim sum in the UK has a number of translations, both literally and from the history of dim sum.
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Chinese Dragon image for Zhonghe Festival at Lu Ban Restaurant Liverpool

Zhonghe Festival

China’s ancient Zhonghe festival (中和节) celebrates Sun’s birthday in the new 2nd lunar month (1st of Lunar February) and the early signs of spring
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example of a banyan tree

Chinese Wishing Tree

A chance to win £88 towards your next Lu Ban dining experience when you add a wish to the Lu Ban Wishing Tree - a Chinese tradition bringing good luck and fortune.
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2020 – the Year of the Rat

The zodiac is an important part of the Chinese culture and depending on which animal represents you, can depend on your fortune for the year, marriage compatibility, career success and more.
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