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Given the recent update to the law of dining in restaurants (starting 24th September and updated 1st October), there are new UK legal requirements for us to meet, and for all diners to observe.

And in Liverpool we now have further restrictions to follow which are also enforceable by law.


  • We must now close by 10pm. That means our guests must leave the restaurant by this time. There is no leeway with this rule, and we have adjusted our last seating time to allow diners to enjoy their meal.
  • You will be required to wear your mask as you enter the restaurant and only take it off once you are seated and about to eat and drink.
  • When you get up from your table, for instance to visit the bathroom, you will need to wear your mask until you are seated back at your table.
  • For track and trace purposes you will be able to use the QR codes displayed in the restaurant to access the Government site to record the name and contact details of one member of your party, or we can take these details from your reservation for this purpose.
  • Our team will also wear face coverings – we know that might make it difficult to hear what your server is saying, so we will be wearing plastic visor face coverings.

These rules are set by the Government and we are legally bound to require our guests follow them. We respectfully ask you to help us meet all of these requirements.

The consequences of anyone not doing their bit might cause irreversible damage, possible permanent closure, and fines being directed personally at those that aren’t following the rules.


This sounds severe because it absolutely is – but if this is the way we can continue to offer amazing food, drink and service, this is the way it will be for now. We know that  our guests want to keep being social and stay safe, and we will help each other through this.


We all have our part to play, and we can do this together (even if it is in a socially distant way).


As of 1st October, only one household group can dine together in any inside setting, including restaurants. 

We will seat single households or family bubbles of more than six people in one of our dining rooms. Please call us in advance to organise this.


For all of our safety, you will be asked to observe and assist with the following house rules at Lu Ban. 


You will see hand sanitiser stations located around the restaurant. The use of hand sanitiser will  be offered to you when you enter the restaurant, and you are also welcome to go to your nearest sanitiser station throughout your stay. Please only make a visit when the station is clear, otherwise wait a few moments until another guest moves away from the station.


Tables are spaced by the distancing guidelines set out by the government. Please do not move tables or chairs. Please speak to your server first if you feel that you need to move things around and we will do our utmost to assist within the guidelines.


If you have dined with us before you might notice less visits to your table from your server. This is to minimise contact, but your server is on hand for anything you need. Please just look over and give them a little wave to let them know they should come towards your table.


We will take your drinks orders at your table and bring them to you. Once you have finished dining you may take drinks to the bar area seating, and continue to receive table service.


We have adapted our menu to minimise the amount of times we need to visit your table.
Menus are now for single use. We are using recycled paper to be as environmentally conscious as we can.
Please feel free to take your menu home with you if you wish, otherwise it will be disposed of.


Our bathrooms are located opposite our bar area, which will have been pointed out to you when you enter the restaurant, before you are seated. You will find tissue and sanitiser just outside and inside the bathroom entrance door so that you may cover your hand to use the door handle. Bins are also provided for you to drop your used tissue just inside and outside of the entrance door.


All surfaces will be cleaned regularly with sanitiser.


We accept Apple Pay and Google Pay with unlimited contactless payments, standard contactless payments are subject to a maximum spend of £45. If paying with chip and pin, we will sanitise the card machine before handing it to you, and again after each use.


Do you know we have rooms at Lu Ban that can be used exclusively by you and your group? It may be something you wish to consider for a family dinner or business meeting. These rooms are available to view and will be used in line with the guidelines and your own requirements.

Thank you for helping us create a safe environment at Lu Ban.

If you would like to discuss our safety measures, or have any comments or feedback, please do get in touch. You can contact us by email at

Guest safety and our team’s safety is our priority. We are strictly following the law and set guidance, and have been independently audited and approved by Four Square Group.