Chef Dave J Critchley
with the All Electric MINI


Have you seen Chef Dave J Critchley driving around town in his electric MINI? Why is this, you might ask…..

You might not know that we have a completely electric kitchen at Lu Ban, and yes we cook using woks, though they are induction woks – with instant heat at exactly the right temperature, which means we only use the energy we need and is better for the environment.

To celebrate this, we’ve teamed up with local family business Williams MINI, whose core values reflect our own, and with electric cars changing the face of driving with instant power and energy efficiency, we are joining together to highlight the endless possibilities of electric, without compromise on quality.

So get used to seeing Dave driving around in the Williams MINI, and we’ll soon be showing you what he’s been getting up to. Watch this space!…


A passion for delivering the best in culinary art does not mean that you cannot also be sustainability conscious. Dave Critchley’s drive for supporting the local community and protecting the environment is as powerful as creating the perfect dining experience for guests. Our all electric kitchen means that Dave and his team use the latest in cooking technology without compromise on quality.

Instant power and efficiency in the kitchen
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Instant power and efficiency on the pedal
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