Valentine’s Day

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The legendary love story behind “love beans”. The beautiful hard and shiny red beans have been used to create jewellery that conveys a longing emotion between lovers and friends.

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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a time of family reunions, delicious food and joy amongst communities.

This special time of year is considered the grandest festival in China and within Chinese communities all over the world. The festival is based upon the Lunar Calendar, and this year happens to fall on Saturday 25th January.

Ring in the New Year by bringing the whole family together at Lu Ban Restaurant for a dining experience they won’t forget.

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Celebrate the Chinese culture and taste the food honouring the start of the Spring harvest. Chinese New Year blesses the yield of the upcoming harvest, which is why there is such a heavy focus on food throughout the festival.

“The joy of celebration is always associated with food”

It is thought that the festival originated in the Shang Dynasty almost 4000 years ago with the intention of worshiping ancestors and warding off bad spirits. Today it holds much of the same tradition with people spring cleaning their homes in the days leading up to the new year in order to ‘dust away’ bad luck and stepping into the new year fresh and clear.

You may have heard people wish others good luck with the Cantonese phrase: ‘Gong Hei Fat Choy’ but it is important to note what the Mandarin speaking regions say: ‘Guojian Hao’ meaning “Wishing you well in passing over Nian”. So, who or what is Nian?

Legend has it that Nian is the name of a beast who would come out and feed on the crops whilst forcing people into their homes on one day a year. He roamed the land on New Year’s Eve so in order to protect themselves, the villagers would warn him off with loud noises and the colour red.

Red decorations as well as roaring lion dances and firecrackers are common traditions for the New Year to help the people ‘overcome Nian’. Once Nian has been passed the real celebration can begin.

Chinese New Year’s Day is the start of a 16 day celebration until the Lantern festival on the fifth day of the first Lunar month. There are three parts to Chinese New Year including: Little Year (17th-24th), Spring Festival (25th-4th Feb) and Lantern Festival (8th Feb).

Little Year [17th-24th January 2020]

Little Year is all about preparation. The period is usually filled with memorial and prayer ceremonies with activities including house cleaning to sweep away bad luck.

Sugar melons made of malt are eaten on the first day of Little Year with the end of the 8 days being concluded with a reunion dinner for the family.

This dinner is the most important meal of the year. After dinner has finished children will receive red envelopes usually containing money, whilst the family stays up to ring in the New Year. Read more about Chinese traditions and customs here.

Lu Ban Restaurant Lion Dance
Lu Ban Restaurant Chinese New Year table setting

Spring Festival [25th-4th February 2020]

The Spring Festival celebrates the new year which in 2020 is the Year of the Rat, and is kicked off with firecrackers and a day of greetings and blessings amongst neighbours and friends.  

In Ancient China, people would use the weather, stars and moon to predict the fortunes of the year whereas now, the idea is to hold on to good fortune meaning that is forbidden to sweep or clean in case the fortune is swept away.

Food and drink is consumed and each day brings a different tradition and activity.

Lantern Festival [8th February]

In the days leading up to the Lantern Festival, people will begin preparations by purchasing lanterns and constructing their own at home.

During the festival, Chinese families line the streets with beautiful lanterns for the whole community to enjoy as well as writing riddles for visitors to find and solve.

Chinese New Year is a time for coming together whether that be through family reunion, tradition or food.

Enjoy all three with an unforgettable experience at Lu Ban. Join us as we celebrate the most important event in the Chinese calendar. Book here now.

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