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Experience small plate dining, or xiao panzi. Lu Ban Restaurant offers beautifully presented authentic food, prepared using traditional Chinese methods and skills.

In Tianjin, the region that has influenced our cuisine, the custom of eating the right food in the right season has existed for a long time. Following research visits to the region, Dave Critchley, our Executive Head Chef, has created a menu that includes an array of seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes designed for you and your guests to share.


Our restaurant is open for booking now 
for dates from Thursday 31st October 2019.  

Tianjin Private Dining

For an intimate dining experience with exclusive use for you and your invited guests away from other diners, enjoy the luxury of the Tianjin private dining room…

Chef's Table

A close-up, private dining experience like no other. You will have a rare insight into the workings of the Lu Ban kitchen. With private access, you and your guests…

Food Lab

A quirky, fun and informal style of private dining with theatre and flair. Your Lu Ban chef will tantalise your taste buds in this immersive experience; get ready to participate and assist…

Wine Room

Coming soon….. Enjoy the small plates of the restaurant and drinks from the bar or experience our tasting menu and carefully selected accompanying wines in our private dining Wine Room. With striking features…

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